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Daily Links 10/25

October 25, 2011


More attacks on the media to discredit OWS Goldman Sachs exits fundraiser to protest honoring of OWS Is OWS just getting started? Polls suggest it. Education and OWS finally realize we’re on the same page Albany cops defy governor and leave OWS protesters alone The Occupied Wall Street Journal Advertisements

Daily Links 10/24

October 24, 2011


A good mix of links for you today! (Updating as the day goes on…newest links going on top!) TED Talk: How economic inequality harms societies Noam Chomsky speaks to Occupy Boston Eric Cantor flees OWS protesters! Graphical Data about what moves the movement…American Dream is no longer Voices of the people: Messages to the 1% […]

Links of the Day!

October 21, 2011


Looking for some extra reading about the issues? About the movement? We’ll try to post these daily! Cenk Uygur Stresses We Must Separate Money and Politics! Occupy Protests Finding Support Among the Wealthy Occupy and the Climate Movement! How do we reach the police and other protectors of the status quo? How OWS’s progressive vision […]

GA Meeting, Thursday, October 20- Notes

October 21, 2011


About 20-30 folks at last night’s GA meeting. Started at 5:45 with review of consensus process and meeting guidelines. Both approved. Agenda items: Occupation recap Future Actions Work Group Reports A brief recap of the 24 Hour Occupation of Bronson Park kick off brought out a good group of folks Many thanks to Food Not […]

General Assembly Meeting

October 18, 2011


There will be a General Assembly meeting  Thursday, Oct 20th at 5:30pm in Bronson Park.

National Day of Action: October 15th & Future Events

October 16, 2011


Occupy Kalamazoo as part of National Action Day protested from Noon to 3pm starting at Bronson Park. Well over a hundred protested in front of Chase, Bank of America and 5th/3rd, ending the protest with a march to Martin Luther King Jr. Park and then returning to Bronson Park. The kick off party of the Occupation […]

Bloomberg Plans to Evict #OWS from Zuccotti Park

October 14, 2011


Bloomberg plans to evict #OWS from Zuccotti Park tomorrow Oct 14th at 7 am. The removal is said to be for cleaning purposes, but this is a fairly well established tactic for breaking up protests and while Bloomberg says the protesters may return they will no longer be able to camp there (No camping, No […]